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Many people have full mouth dentures and you would never know it. This is considered a prosthetic for your mouth. We have patients come in every day that have the need for all of their teeth to be removed.

Once we remove the teeth in their gum line, we are craft a set of full mouth dentures that will look natural. Dr. Roe uses old pictures as a frame of reference as well as facial markers to craft a beautiful smile.

Transform Your Smile With Full Mouth Dentures

It takes a few appointments for our team to transform your smile. Dr. Roe will hand craft your dentures to look the best. Also, your dentures will be functional and fit your mouth perfectly. When you have ill fitting prosthetics in your mouth, it can cause you pain.

The smile makeovers that we offer take a lot of intention between our denture doctor and our patients. Dr. Roe will do everything he can to keep your requests in mind.

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Immediate Dentures

Once your teeth are removed, you will be given a set of immediate dentures. This will give you a functional set of teeth while your permanent teeth are crafted.  Those that are on the verge of loosing their teeth will benefit from immediate dentures.

Dentures in Dallas Same Day

The same day that your extraction is scheduled, immediate dentures will be placed. It is important to note that this is a temporary option. Building a set of dentures that fit your mouth perfectly takes a few appointments.

When you are being fitted for a permanent set, you will have a period of time in which you can try on the set of the false teeth and see how it works for you. The temporary set cannot be shaped to your gum line because it is crafted while you still have teeth in place.

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Dentures North Dallas Denture Center
Some of our patients benefit from overdentures. This prosthetic is placed over teeth, roots, or implants. People like this option because it keeps the prosthetic in place better then dental adhesives.

Many people go with this treatment plan for the sake of comfort levels. Dr. Roe can discuss with you the particulars of this treatment option during the consultation.

A Natural Smile is Achieved With Overdentures

This option looks as natural as a set of other dentures but has the bonus of not moving around and causing discomfort. Take a look at this illustration to see how the overdentures have a mechanism on the underside that keeps it in place.

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Fixed Dentures are Attached to Dental Implants

Dentures North Dallas Denture Center
Those that want an alternative to dental adhesives, often go with the fixed dentures. This prosthetic is fixed into place by our dentist so that it does not come out. You will not remove it for cleaning and put it in each morning.

This pair of teeth functions as a natural set of teeth by attaching it to dental implants. The procedure requires a minimum of 4 implants to support the fixture.

No Adhesive Necessary For Fixed Dentures

Once connected to the dental implants, fixed dentures are the pinnacle of prosthetic teeth replacement.  Not only do that not come out of the mouth, they also look and feel just like one’s natural teeth. You will clean these teeth the same you would natural teeth.

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Partial Dentures

Dentures North Dallas Denture Center
A wide array of patials exist. The variations depend on the unique needs of each patient. There could be hundreds of different combinations that can be crafted.

Fill in Gaps With Partials

Some of our patients have a large number of clasps to keep their partials in place. There are also some partials that are made without metal clips and without a framework. You will get a good idea of what a partial looks like in this section of our gallery.

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Clasp-less Partials

Dentures North Dallas Denture Center
Clasp-less partials are just as the name describes–partials without any metal clasps.  Although they are not an option for everyone or in all cases, some partial dentures have the opportunity to be made without any metal clasps.

Dr. Roe Offers Clasp-less Partials in Dallas

There are claspless partials that keep their retention by being fixed along side the teeth or into the teeth. The components of this prosthetic are attached with a precision attachment.  The attachment is usually hidden somewhere in the new denture.

This type of teeth is one of the most natural looking treatments you can go with. The false teeth blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile, leaving you feeling great about your look.

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Dental Implants in Dallas

Dentures North Dallas Denture Center
Implants have come a long way in the last decade and have revolutionized the dental field. While this type of procedure has been around for over half a century, it has only been since the early 2000’s that the treatments have become mainstream.

Cosmetic Dentist Does Dental Implants

Dental implants in Dallas have a titanium replacement for the roots of your teeth. When a patients suffers tooth loss due to decay or other factors, these implants replace the teeth in the most natural way.

There are several criteria a patient must meet for dental implants to be considered. Not all people are good candidates for such a procedure. Dr. Roe will work with your unique needs to create a solution to your oral health problems.

Dental implants can be a great option for those that have good bone structure and the ability to withstand surgery. Many people are choosing this route in order to regain their beautiful smile.

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Dallas Mini Dental Implants

Dentures North Dallas Denture Center
Mini dental implants are not the same size as the more conventional implants. These implants have an added benefit because they can be used in certain places where traditional options will not work.

This treatment plan can be used for temporary as well as permanent solutions for your mouth. We can use it to replace missing teeth permanently.

Mini Dental Implants Work With Dentures

This type of procedure can be used as a temporary option as well. Mini implants can be placed in to hold temporary dentures in your mouth while the conventional implants are healing. This can take about 3 months for the healing to be accomplished.

After the conventional implants have healed, the mini implants will be removed and your dentures will be attached to the permanent solution.

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Dental Bridges and Crowns

Dentures North Dallas Denture Center
Bridges and crowns are considered a fixed prosthetic. These conventional aids have been used to restore a patient’s smile for the past 100 years.

Crowns and Bridges Strengthen Teeth and Enhance Color

This treatment option allows us to strengthen your teeth as well as change the shape of your smile. We use this as a way to change the color of your teeth and provide stability in your bite.

Also, we can use this option to change the color of teeth that cannot be whitened.

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